We love to see women experience abundant careers. That is why our mission is helping women build the skills, professional stature to advance their leadership ambitions and career aspirations.

We believe you have professional desires and we are keen to help you activate and accelerate them with the clarity and tools to do so enthusiastically and confidently through the top-notch mentorships we offer. Whatever stage you are in your career or specific goal you would like to progress, we can support you.


We provide mentorships and career support services to help you build your career systematically, competently and productively. Whether you want to renovate, recalibrate or elevate your career, we offer a versatile suite of offers to enable you pursue the career you want and to bloom as a professional.


It’s a real pleasure to see you here. I am Vera Ng’oma, Founder and Principal of Shedistinction. Thank you so much for visiting our site.

There is a question I have asked myself and many others for years and that is: ‘If you’re spending most of your productive years in a career, shouldn’t you make it as fulfilling and impactful as can be?’  That’s why Shedistinction exists; to help you build a career that makes you better, fulfils you, enables you make a difference in your world.

I myself have been blessed with a professional life across diverse industries to do values-driven, life-changing work, touch lives, grow others and myself.

Career-life can be tough and exhausting. With Shedistinction, we equip you with the skill we call careering so that you can move into the driving seat and activate your career success (however you define it).

If you’re seeking a transformative experience, my team and I are here for you.


Thank you for visiting Shedistinction. We hope you find something in our offerings to have us working with you to grow your career, to do life-changing work and to make a difference in your world.